Certified Happiness Professional: Blended Learning Journey

Define and measure happiness: promote happiness with self, relations and work

Start Dates: Discontinued

Course fee: INR 45,000 (inclusive of taxes) Course Duration: 4 week learning journey with 2-days of learning labs and online courseware

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Target Learners

Engagement Specialists taking the next step in engagement to build a happy, productive workforce Talent Management Leaders generating a culture of wellbeing by focusing on holistic wellbeing

OD Specialists designing a modern organization with an engaged workforce driving business results HR BPs driving program implementation at ground level to generate tangible results

Core Belief: Defining And Measuring Happiness

Course Modules


Why Happiness Initiate the happiness journey Contextualize the concept of happiness to the workplace and build an informed POV and business case, understand and evaluate the definition of happiness through a diverse range of viewpoints, models and subjects


Happy Self Begin with employees Focus on fostering a culture of optimism, financial and physical wellbeing, align strategy to individual triggers of happiness to leverage the happiness advantage from individual and organization perspectives  


Happy Relations Build productive employee relationships Comprehend how different communication styles impact relation building, build awareness on conflict management and the recovery paradox to manage conflicts and difficult situations at workplace


Happy Work Happiness brings success at work Align policies to bolster the motivation and performance levels in your organization and create a balance between enablers to achieve flow in the organization, recognize purpose as an ultimate driver for achievement and workplace satisfaction


Happy workplace Build a happy organization Anchor the happiness journey by deploying the 3S (System, Spirit and Skill) model and create a happiness strategy for your organization by identifying needs, involving stakeholders, guiding principles

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 Learning Touchpoints


Details learning outcomes and provides a ready reckoner for implementation  

5 Hours of e-Learnings


Curated activities across business styles with solutions and key takeaways  

  2 Handbooks

Learning Labs

Learn from our best consultants with curated cases and real-life examples  

16 Hours of Classroom Sessions


Seamless learning experience with social connects and leaderboards  

 Continuous Tool


Prepare for real-life application by practicing what you have learned  

  2 Assignments


Measure your readiness to create a business impact  

1 Assessment

Knowledge Hub

2018 Trends in Global Employee Engagement The paper explores the rise in global employee engagement and how it can be sustained

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Strengthening Your Resilience Muscle Aon’s latest whitepaper discuss what resilience is, how it can benefit organizations, and the strategies companies can use to foster resilience

Building a Business Case For Happiness Get insights on 4 key focus areas to build buy-in for employee wellbeing  

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