Certified Long Term Incentive Expert: Flagship Learning Journey

Deep dive into key considerations, requisite vehicles, prevalent regulatory norms and institute governance systems

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Course fee: INR 65,000 (incl. of taxes)
Course Duration: 4 week learning journey with 2-days of learning labs and online courseware

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Target Learners

Compensation and Benefits Professionals learning technical nuances for implementation of an LTI plan C&B Leaders driving business and people outcomes linked LTI strategy for long-term growth

HR Leaders driving business and shareholder value through LTI philosophy and planning for the long-term CoE Leaders understanding the essentials, technicalities, validity and key considerations of an LTI

Core Belief: Critical Elements Of An LTI

Course Modules


LTI Strategy & Instruments The 'What' & 'Why' of LTI Integrate LTI into the total rewards strategy of your organization and understand what an effective LTI strategy should be, explore different share-based and cash-based LTI vehicles like Stock Options, Restricted Stock, Performance Shares, Long Term Cash and Phantom Stock


LTI Design Introduce design considerations Learn about key regulations governing LTI, expensing and tax implications in India and define key plan design elements such as eligibility, quantum, plan period and performance conditions, build a conceptual understanding about expensing of share based payments, its impact on dilution and EPS


Design Simulation Technicalities of LTI Plan design Visualize the LTI design process through a simulation of different business contexts, draft and enhance LTI Plans in line with the current and future business scenario


Post Design Considerations Special topics in LTI Appreciate the approval process for different LTI plans, learn about stock based plans and identify alternate approaches to determine option grants, retirement and termination pensions


Governance Managing risks associated with LTI Understand LTI plan governance and the role it plays in implementation, study corporate governance practices and emphasize the need for transparency and stakeholder involvement in LTI strategy and plans

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 Learning Touchpoints


Details learning outcomes and provides a ready reckoner for implementation  

10 Hours of e-Learnings


Curated activities across business styles with solutions and key takeaways  

  2 Handbooks

Learning Labs

Learn from our best consultants with curated cases and real-life examples  

16 Hours of Classroom Sessions


Seamless learning experience with social connects and leaderboards  

 Continuous Tool


Prepare for real-life application by practicing what you have learned  

  2 Assignments


Measure your readiness to create a business impact  

1 Assessment

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